Tiger I in Tunisia

This website was created to share information about existing / preserved tanks from 1915 to the present days.

First, let me thank some of the most important contributors to this website :
Rafał Białęcki
Massimo Foti
Walter Schwabe
Adam Gallon
"Sander D"
Jens Hill
Patrik Krista

Andreas Platte

Stephen Drew
# The guys from the "AFV News Discussion Board" and "Achtung Panzer!" forums

All the other contributors (and they are so many) that I didn't referred to here, please forgive me not having been able to mention everyone.

About this website :
When I started to set up this website, I often saw on websites or forums some lists of rare surviving tanks
with their location. Sometimes, photos were very difficult to find, and I could not see how the vehicles
looked like. That's why I decided to collect information and photos of remaining rare WW2 tanks and I
published these documents. My aim is not to provide technical details (there are enough sites which do
that better than me..),  but only an up-to-date  list of tanks. Later the website was extended and now one
can find lists of WW1 and post-WW2 vehicles.

This is not only my work. As you can see, many people participate by taking photos and publishing
them on their websites, or sending me some, by providing / forwarding recent information, etc.. Thanks
to them. My only task is to gather all this and do my best to share information, because
"information not shared is lost".

So, feel free to use these documents (for example if you plan to visit a country, that may be interesting..)
and if you find an incorrect information published here, just let me know.
I am not Mister-Know-It-All,
some information can be wrong or out-of-date.
(for example, a vehicle which was moved from a location
to another, .. and they really move a lot, believe me!!!).
By the way I'm French, so please forgive me my mistakes in English..

Have fun