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M60 tank
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The Historical AFV Registers are intended to provide a cataloging of all of the historical Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV), including tanks, APCs and self-propelled artillery that are on preserved or otherwise displayed in museums or as monuments in some countries. As such the registries range from the World War I-era "Little Willie" to the most modern combat vehicles. However, these registries are not intended to include modern AFVs that are still in service.

The registers :

The USA Historical AFV Register - Author : Michel van Loon and Neil Baumgardner. Last update 30 March 2019
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Canada Historical AFV Register - Author : Neil Baumgardner. Last update 28 January 2007
The Netherlands AFV Register - Author : Michel Krauss. Last update 1st September 2011
Belgium Historical AFV Register - Authors : Michel van Loon and Neil Baumgardner. Last update 15 October 2012
France Historical AFV Register - Authors : Pierre-Olivier Buan and Neil Baumgardner. Last update 29 July 2015
Poland Historical AFV Register - Author : Łukasz Sambor. Last update 10 January 2010

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