Tanks-related websites or pages :

The Historical AFVs Registers home page
The Historical AFV Registers are intended to provide a cataloging of all of the historical Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV), including tanks, APCs and self-propelled artillery that are on preserved or otherwise displayed in museums or as monuments in some countries. As such the registries range from the World War I-era "Little Willie" to the most modern combat vehicles. However, these registries are not intended to include modern AFVs that are still in service.


A website showing walkarounds of various tanks in Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

This forum is dedicated for all those who are interested in the German main battle tank "Panther" and its variants. The forum is mainly in German but you can also participate in English.

tanks on Tarawa
A website relating the story of men and tanks of Company C, 1st Corps Medium Tank Battalion during the battle of Tarawa.

Exegi Monumentum

A website showing walkarounds of various Russian and Soviet vehicles all over the world.

Shermans in Holland
A website listing existing Sherman tanks in Netherlands.

SVMS Photo Gallery : walkarounds
aircrafts, armor, artillery, missiles, ships etc...

Henk of Holland website. The "War museums" section is particularly interesting...
Chris "Toadman" Hugues tank pictures website

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