Sherman back engine doors


Early M7 Priest back engine doors and filters system.
The engine access door hinges with the screws were featured on most M3 series Medium Tanks,
as well as M7 Priests, which were built on M3 chassis (photo courtesy of Massimo Foti).


M4 back engine doors and filters system.
The engine access door welded-on hinges were featured on most M4 series tanks.

M4 Overloon    M4 Rennes  

According to Joe DeMarco, Baldwin built M4s could have been built with either the M3 Lee/Grant or the M4 Sherman type of hinges.
The two photos above show Baldwin-built M4s with M3 type of hinges. The photo on the right side shows SN 15499 (on display at Overloon, Netherlands) and the photo on the left side shows SN 15473 (on display at Rennes, France)


Back engine doors and filters system, as found on a very early M4A1. The very early Lima and Pressed Steel Car M4A1s were outfitted with the old "pepperpot" exhaust from the M3 Medium, but these were supplanted by the M4 style just as production started, & all tanks were mandated to have the earlier ones replaced. The photo above shows a very early Lima M4A1 that has the pepperpot exhaust holes in the rear blanked off with sheets of metal. This modification was supposed to be done on every M4A1 Sherman, but the M4A1 Sherman "Michael" displayed at the Tank Museum, Bovington, which is the second Lima M4A1 production model, still has the "pepperpot" exhausts.

M4A1    M4A1E8

Back engine doors and filters system, as found on an M4A1 (left), and on an M4A1E8 HVSS (right).
The grille ("Barber-Colman exhaust deflector) that can be seen on the right-side picture is missing on the left-side one, but the fittings to attach it to the hull can still be seen.
The picture on the right side shows a particular M4A1E8, which has armor protections around the filters. The armor protectors around the filters were only found on the last M4A1E8 Shermans with HVSS suspension.

M4A1 early

Early Pressed Steel Car M4A1 back engine doors and filters system.
The engine access door hinges are particular on the early Pressed Steel Car M4s and M4A1s, because the lower hinges have a rivet in them (photo courtesy of Joe DeMarco).


M4A2 back exhausts system, the same type is found on M10 Tank Destroyers.

M4A2 Grussenheim    M4A2 Grussenheim

Back exhausts with an exhausts gas deflector system, as found on an M4A2 located in Grussenheim, France.

M4A3    M4A3

M4A3 back engine doors, without the exhausts gas deflector system (left), and with the deflector system (right).
Note that on the left picture, an exhaust pipe is missing on the right side.


M4A3E8 back engine doors, with the specific exhausts gas deflector system (photo courtesy of

M4A4    M4A4T

Back engine doors and filters, as found on an M4A4 (left), and on a French modified M4A4 "Transformé" (right).
The M4A4T is an M4A4 with the Chrysler Multibank engine replaced with a Continental R-975 C14 engine, hence the differences with the filters system.


M4A4 Duplex Drive back engine doors.