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Sherman minutia

Various things about Sherman tanks
Sherman vocabulary (design of the hull, 47° and 57° glacis plates, dry and wet stowage)
How to read Sherman casting markings
Where to find a Serial Number or other useful information on a Sherman tank?
The oldest surviving Sherman - A photo gallery of the early M4A1(75) displayed at the Bovington Tank Museum (UK)
Sherman dataplates - A study of Sherman dataplates and the information they reveal

British M3 Grant
M3 Lee
M4 recognition features M4A1 recognition features M4A2 recognition features M4A3 recognition features M4A4 recognition features
"Small hatch" M4 production variants :
Pressed Steel Car
American Loco (ALCO)
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Pullman Standard
M4 Composite
production variants, small and large hatches
American Loco (ALCO)

"Large hatch" M4 production variants :
Chrysler M4 105mm
T6 Sherman prototype

"Small hatch" M4A1 production variants :

Pressed Steel Car
Pacific Car & Foundry
Lima Locomotive Works
Montreal Locomotive Works
"Large hatch" M4A1 production variants :
Pressed Steel Car
"Small hatch" M4A2 production variants :
American Loco (ALCO)
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Pullman Standard
Federal Machine & Welder

The M4A2(75) in combat
"Large hatch" M4A2 production variants :
Pressed Steel Car
"Small hatch" M4A3 production variants :
"Large hatch" M4A3 production variants :
Chrysler M4A3 105mm
Fisher M4A3(75)W
Fisher M4A3E2 "Jumbo"
"Small hatch" M4A4 production variants :
M4A6 production variants :

Sherman variants
Sherman Firefly tanks - numerous detail photos of the hull and turret and further explanations about these British-modified Shermans
Duplex Drive tanks - The famous "swimming" version of the Sherman, used during D-Day and in several more operations in Europe
French Shermans during WW2 - (
Les Shermans français pendant la 2ème guerre mondiale)
M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers
M7 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
M12 and M40 Gun Motor Carriage, M43 Howitzer Motor Carriage
M31, M32 series, Post-war Sherman Retrievers (upgraded M32s - T14s - M74s)

The hull

Driver's and assistant driver's hoods and hatches (small hatch hulls variants only)
Hull antenna bracket
Hull lifting rings variants

Differential covers
Gearbox, differential and final drive assemblies (seen from inside)

The engine area
Engine decks
M4 and M4A1 Lower Rear Hulls and Engine Access Doors

The turret
75mm turrets variants (D50878 and D78461, "Low bustle" and "High bustle")
76mm turrets variants
Main gun mounts, mantlets and main guns
Turret cupolas ("Split hatch cupola" and "vision cupola")
Turret pistol port

Tracks and suspension
VVSS suspension
VVSS tracks
VVSS end connectors
E9 suspension
HVSS suspension
HVSS tracks

Post-1945 upgrades
M4A3E4 and M4A1E6 Shermans
How to recognize an M4A1 76mm upgraded for the Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP)?
How to recognize a French "Transformé" Sherman?

Sherman "accessories"
Porpoise ammunition sledges

Sherman data and documents
Sherman Serial Numbers list a detailed list of the Sherman Serial Numbers ranges, arranged by model / manufacturer / SN range
Sherman Statistics production detailed by type, manufacturer and year
The table of known Sherman Serial Numbers a list of the known Sherman Serial Numbers listed by SN / model / manufacturer / correct RN / location
Sherman Foundry Symbols and Trademarks a comprehensive PDF file showing the various casting marks that one can find on a Sherman tank
Sherman Manufacturing data locations a comprehensive PDF file explaining where to find the casting marks and stamped serials on a Sherman tank

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