The M4A4 Sherman

The M4A4 Shermans were equipped with a Chrysler Multibank engine; they have a lengthened welded hull. Only the 75mm version were built in the USA, but the M4A4 was also widely used as a basis for 17pdr Firefly tank by the British Army. The users were : Britain, France, China (Source : Wikipedia).

M4A4(75) Sherman
This variant was only manufactured by Chrysler (7499 units produced).


M4A4(75). This tank has a 75mm gun, small hatches (protruding hoods), a 57° glacis and dry ammunition stowage bins. The M4A4s were only produced with the 3-piece differential housing.

M4A4(75) main recognition features


The lenghtened hull caused a larger spacing between the bogies than on all the other Sherman versions.
This is the main recognition feature of the M4A4 tanks.


The 57° glacis shows small hatches and protruding drivers' hoods.

M4A4(75)    M4A4(75)

The rear hull plate is sloped.

M4A4(75) Dry    M4A4(75)

The specific engine deck plate.


There are two engine access doors.